Quentin Tarantino loves to borrow from iconic directors and films, but now another director is borrowing from him. Damon Herriman, who recently signed on to play Charles Manson in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will also play Charles Manson for David Fincher in the second season of Mindhunter.

If there were any doubt about how convincing Herriman would be as the diabolical cult leader, then his double-casting as Manson in both Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Mindhunter should put those concerns to rest. Collider reports that Herriman, an Aussie actor best known for roles on Justified and Quarry, has also signed on to play the infamous criminal in Season 2 of Mindhunter — though Collider notes that he was cast in Fincher’s series first.

Herriman will film his scenes for the second season of Fincher’s Netflix series over the summer. Those scenes will feature an imprisoned Manson being interviewed by Jonathan Groff’s Holden Ford and Holt McCallany’s Bill Tench. Fans of the first season will recall that Holden was particularly interested in visiting Manson when the duo began interviewing notorious serial killers in an effort to create psychological profiles to aid the FBI in preventing identifying and preventing similar crimes.

The first season featured Cameron Britton in a recurring role as serial killer Edmund Kemper, who eagerly detailed his life and crimes to Ford and Tench over the course of multiple interviews. It’s unclear if Herriman’s Manson will have a similar recurring role, or if his will be a one-off, like Richard Speck.

Mindhunter Season 2 will debut sometime in 2019.