It’s Mank season on the internet, and we could not be more delighted.

Today, Netflix premiered the full trailer for Mank, David Fincher’s new film about screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (played in the film by Gary Oldman) and the creation of his masterpiece, Citizen Kane. But there’s more: A short while later, Trent Reznor posted a link to a “secret” site called The White Wine Came Up With the Fish, where you can preview his new score for the film.

Reznor and Atticus Ross have worked with David Fincher for a long time, having previously scored The Social NetworkThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Gone Girl. While Reznor and Ross are better known for industrial rock, the Mank music you can sample on the White White website sounds very appropriate to the period of a tale set in Hollywood’s Golden Age, with lush strings and swooning horns. The vibe is epic drama tinged with a hint of film noir. I’m listening to it as I write, and it’s absolutely lovely.

The bottom of the site features a series of numbers, with this being Day 1, suggesting this is going to be a site to bookmark in the run-up to Mank’s premiere on Netflix on December 4. We could be seeing new stuff over there every single day between then and now. That would certainly be a great way to celebrate Mank season over and over. Everything’s coming up Mank!

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