For this week's installment from the National Days Calendar I have decide to select a day that many of us fellow pet owners find enjoyable, however some of our pets may disagree. This Thursday (January 14,2021) is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. As I like to say there is a National Day for just about everything.

Most of us are guilty of dressing up our pets on Halloween. There is however a group of us that put our patient animal companions in outfits on a regular basis. I not talking about the occasion sweater or coat because it is cold outside. I am talking about a full on on outfit. I know some pets that have a better wardrobe than I do.

Two of the most important thing to keep in mind when your are deciding to dress up your pet safety and will they like it. Clothing made for your pet is the best selection as opposed to retro fitting something from your closet. You should never leave your pet in clothes if you aren't supervising them while they are dressed up. And the reality is if your pet hates it just don't do it. It is fun until your pet is unhappy or worse, injured.

The picture I have included with this article is a picture of my dog Pearl with her one and only sweater. She received it as a gift one Christmas. I slipped it on for a thank you picture, which you can see didn't exactly say "I really like this, Thank you." So the next day the sweat was donated to an animal shelter and that is officially the one and only time my dog ever wore clothes.


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