We all do it and we don't mean too. Everyday as we go through life we walk by trash that could easily have been dumped properly but some one got lazy. How many times have you crossed a big parking lot in the Hudson Valley and notice litter against the curbs. Cigarette butts and straw wrappers are the thing I notice the most.


Imagine if you could walk around the parking lot at your local grocery store in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh or Kingston and not see any trash. You could get out of your car in any parking lot in the Hudson Valley, look down and not see any trash. Now before you think I am advocating for you to walk around picking up other folks nasty cigarette butts let me back up a moment and explain why I think we can all make a difference on National Cleanup Day.

On the third day of September every year since 2017 according to the National Days Calendar we have been celebrating National Cleanup Day. It is pretty simple to participate. All that is asked is that you take a moment to clean up your space. The idea is that if everyone cleaned their space the world would be a whole lot cleaner. I think they are correct.

So whether you want to clean up inside or outside of your house this Saturday the folks at National Cleanup Day would love to hear from you. NationalCleanupDay.org not only wants you to log on and register what you cleaned up this weekend but they are pose the question "What would happen if everyone picked up a piece of litter?" I bet the world would be a whole lot cleaner.

Turns out that littering can also cost you a lot of money. The fine in New York State can be as much as $350.

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