An investigation is underway after a 9th-grade teacher in the Hudson Valley gave students what some say is a "racist" writing assignment about George Floyd.

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On Monday, posts were shared to social media, obtained by Hudson Valley Post, of a journalism assignment given in a Saugerties High School English class. The assignment is below:

You must write this paragraph in the same format as the Regent’s examination – Create a bold topic/thematic sentence. Justify your claim key pieces of evidence, and also address the alternate claim.

Use phrases like:

It is evident.........
It is clear.......
It is obvious......

George Floyd did not die because Chauvin’s knee was on his neck. He died from a heart attack and drug overdose. However, because Chauvin used excessive force and failed to render aid, he was convicted on all three counts by a jury of his peers. (Arrest was over a counterfeit $20 bill.)

Brandon Mitchell was a juror in the trial. He was asked if he had any racially provoked negativity against police officers, would any of these incidents sway his judgment. He was specifically asked if he was involved in BLM and if he protested in any form against the officers involved in the George Floyd case. He answered no to both. New evidence surfaced that he could have not been forthcoming in his statements. Should the Derek Chauvin case be retired because of Brandon Mitchell. Why or Why Not?

Reports on social media say the assignment was given out to a 9th-grade class at Saurgties High School. Some parents are calling for the teacher to be fired. A protest is scheduled at the high school for Wednesday morning.

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"Mrs. Antonelli should be immediately terminated from Saugerties Schools for her racist assignment," the Facebook event for the protest reads.

Saugerties Central School District Superintendent Kirk Reinhardt said at least one student "interpreted" the assignment to "include biased content."

Reinhardt adds the assignment was immediately revised after the student spoke out adding an investigation into the assignment is ongoing.

"We want to assure our community that we are currently reviewing the assignment and speaking with the students and the teacher involved to be certain that we have all of the facts and fully understand the situation. This is so we can take the steps necessary to ensure that inappropriate assignments are not introduced to our students, intentional or not. This is a very serious matter and discussions will continue until we are confident we have reached a place of understanding among all involved," Reinhardt stated.

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