Marilyn Manson has returned to the road after having to cancel dates last year due to his onstage injury, but his rescheduled performance in Huntington, N.Y. left fans demanding a refund. Fans are stating that the singer had a meltdown onstage, cutting his show short and leaving most puzzled by his behavior.

Manson was playing the Paramount in Huntington, with the vocalist throwing his microphone, performing with his back to the crowd, pushing over an amp and eventually walking offstage after claiming the fans didn't love him. Fan shot video of Marilyn Manson somewhat incoherently speaking over a guitar and drum beat can be seen in the player above.

According to Newsday, Manson performed “The Reflecting God,” “Deep Six” and “This is the New Shit” before things began to go south, with the singer calling out the crowd for their lack of love. Manson started to play "Disposable Teens," but the song was never finished, with "Revelation #12," "The Dope Show" and "Saturnalia / Lunchbox" getting bits of stops and starts before the show concluded.

The venue posted footage from the show on Instagram, which yielded a number of negative comments about the show. "The worst event I ever experienced. He should be held accountable for his actions and not get paid for this," said one commenter. "This was embarrassing," wrote another. While some were asking for a refund, other commenters pointed out that Manson's band never technically stopped playing.

“I want a refund! It was horrible,” said Trisha Bernardo to Brooklyn Vegan. “He couldn’t even talk.” “Maybe he needed some hugs or TLC, but this is New York and he’s not going to get that here,” added Claudio Alvarez. “He’s a professional who has got to do what he’s got to do. I love the guy, but this was too much.”

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