Marist College just made a major splash with the purchase of 18,000 square feet of space on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. According to a press release on the Marist website, the $18.4 million purchase will be home to the Marist College Executive Center and will feature prominent school-related events.

Perched at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 38th Street, the new facility covers the entire 14th floor of the building. Events for Marist's Fashion Program will take place there as well as seminars, lecture series, and alumni events. The respected Marist Poll will also be a part of the facility.

According to Marist College Executive Vice President Geoffrey Brackett, the new space will allow them to, 'Do even more to connect our comprehensive academic and professional education programs to the New York City market'.

Marist College currently has approximately 5,000 undergraduate students to go along with 1,400 adult and graduate students. The Executive Center is expected to be open in time for the Spring 2019 semester.

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