We've all been there...your watching TV and before you know it...BAM! You've bought another 'As Seen on TV' product. Well apparently there is one NY based company that hasn't been so honest when selling your 'must have items'. According to Hudson Valley News Network Allstar Marketing Group a firm headquartered in Hawthorne, N.Y. has just settled an 8-million dollar lawsuit with New York State. The marketing firm pushes products like Snuggie, the Perfect Brownie Pan and the Magic Mesh screen. According to NY State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman the company allegedly used deceptive and misleading advertising and ordering processes which caused consumers to grossly over pay, over order and even order items they didn't want. Schneiderman tells HVNN that

“This agreement returns money to thousands of consumers in New York and across the nation who believed they were buying items at the price advertised on television, but ended up with extra merchandise and hidden fees they didn’t bargain for,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “The settlement also brings much needed reforms to a major firm in the direct marketing industry. Those who use small print and hidden fees to inflate charges to unwitting consumers must be held accountable.”

You can read more about the settlement and what you should do if you feel you are a victim at Hudsonvalleynewsnetwork.com.