It was announced a couple months ago that Maynard James Keenan would embark on a book tour to promote his memoir A Perfect Union of Contrary Things that will be published Nov. 8. Additional dates have been booked, and moderators for each event have also been revealed.

Each event will include Keenan reading passages from the book, taking questions from fans and participating in a moderated discussion about the book. To pre-order the book, click here.

There are a variety of moderators throughout the book tour, ranging from Soundgarden's Kim Thayil in Seattle to A Perfect Circle's Billy Howerdel in Los Angeles to Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd in Dallas.

Tickets are on sale now except for Wappinger Falls, which go on sale Oct. 14. However, some dates are already sold out including Nashville, New York, Washington, D.C. (7:30PM reading), Chicago (7PM reading), Portland (7:30PM reading) and Phoenix. For the complete schedule, including moderators, see below.

In addition to his memoir, Keenan is also interested in a potential Tool book. In a recent interview he said,  “Oh, yeah, that would absolutely be in the cards, I think. It’s just a matter of all four of us agreeing how that’s gonna go forward. That’s always the trick, isn’t it?”

Maynard James Keenan Book Tour Dates:

11/9 - Nashville, Tenn. - City Winery
Moderators: Dino Paredes (Suretone Management) & Mark Brooks (Metalacolypse director)
11/10 - Wappinger Falls, N.Y. - Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Moderator: Alex Grey (Renowned artist/Chapel of Sacred Mirrors founder)
11/11 - New York, N.Y. - The New York Society for Ethical Culture
Moderator: Roxy Myzal (hardDrive Producer/radio personality)
11/12 - Washington, D.C. - Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
7:30PM and 10PM moderator: Roxy Myzal
11/14 - Toronto, Ontario - Convocation Hall (University of Toronto)
Moderator: Alan Cross (102.1 The Edge Music Director)
11/16 - Chicago, Ill. - Thalia Hall
7PM reading moderator: Amanda Danielson (Owner, Trattoria Stella and The Franklin/Master Sommelier)
10:30PM reading moderator: Dirk Flanigan (Executive Chef, Ocean Cut and Il Coniglio/Former Pigface vocalist)
11/18 - Portland, Ore. - The Aladdin Theater
7:30PM and 10PM moderator: Paul Barker (Ministry/Lead Into Gold/Puscifer)
11/19 - Seattle, Wash. - Kane Auditorium
Moderator: Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)
11/21 - San Francisco, Calif. - Herbst Theatre
Moderator: Laura Milligan (aka Hildy Berger/Mr. Show)
11/22 - Los Angeles, Calif. - The Montalban Theater
Moderator: Billy Howerdel (A Perfect Circle/Ashes Divide)
11/25 - Phoenix, Ariz. - Mesa Arts Center
Moderator: Kimber Lanning (Local First Arizona/Stinkweeds)
11/26 - Boulder, Colo. - Boulder Theater
Moderator: Matt Mather (Sommelier at Frasca Food & Wine)
11/27 - Dallas, Texas - Texas Theatre
Moderator: Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips)

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