In a recent interview, Tool guitarist Adam Jones revealed that he didn't necessarily feel pressure to finish their new album, but did feel anxiety over the band's most public member Maynard James Keenan taking a lot of the blame from the fans. In a new interview in Metal Hammer's current issue, drummer Danny Carey revealed the extent to which Keenan had to deal with the public backlash, explaining that he even received death threats.

"I felt bad for him," said Carey. "He even told me he was getting death threats from these idiots out there. They just have no idea what our work ethic is. These things don’t happen, man. There’s no other record that’s going to sound like this Tool record. What you hear is what you get, and what you get is what it takes to get it done. And it’s not an easy process."

Bassist Justin Chancellor, who eventually helped set a deadline for the album, discussed some of the frustration in house with the group, trying to get things the best they could be. “Sometimes I thought we were nearly there. We’d written an album or we had some songs that were cool, and then we’d dump the whole lot and start again. It was devastating," he revealed.

Admittedly, Tool's artistry for the new album took some pretty interesting turns. Carey recently revealed to Kerrang, "When we get in that room, where it takes us, that's where it goes. Four years ago when we were looking at this, I wanted to try to do a record that was one giant song."

Tool have an Aug. 30 street date locked in, so we're just a few short weeks away from the album being available everywhere. One of our writers recently had a chance to attend an advance listening session for the album and offered these observations.

You can also look for Tool touring in support of the album. Get your ticketing taken care of here.

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