Tool fans continue to wait on new music, but we may have gotten one of the most significant updates in some time as to what's going on with the band. The information comes from Melvins leader Buzz Osborne, who somewhat inadvertently revealed an interesting piece of info on Tool while discussing his own band's recording history.

Osborne was speaking with Team Rock about his favorite albums in his band's catalog, and while reflecting on the Stoner Witch album, the musician veered off topic a bit. "I think it was the longest time we ever spent in the studio actually -- 19 days, which for us is a long time," mused Osborne, who continued, "Bands like Tool obviously spend about six months on their albums, and they've spent about ten years putting together the new one. And they haven't even started recording yet. But Adam [Jones] told me the shortest song they've been working on is 12 minutes long. Anyway, Stoner Witch was great." So there's an unexpected update for the Tool fans out there.

Tool have been working on music for quite some time now. Over the last couple of years, the band revealed that legal issues had stalled them from moving forward with new music. But once the legal issues were resolved and the group resumed work, it was still a slow go with Maynard James Keenan revealing he had been waiting on music from the band before being able to put lyrics to it. In March of this year, Keenan told the Press Enterprise, “We’ve found a common ground. We just can’t seem to move forward.”

In April, the band's webmaster issued an update in which he stated, “If it were just about money, it would be easy for Tool to crank out a mediocre album (that many fans would be happy with; some even considering it to be a great accomplishment!) and tour with it for years. Instead of just riding a wave, as you suggest, I would like to think that – even if they don’t have as much energy as they did when they were much younger (?) – they are trying their hardest to outdo themselves, wanting each new album to be better than the last one.”

He went on to add, “If this wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t make sense for a couple of members to sit for hours in soul-crushing L.A. traffic four days a week in order to get to the loft where they work tirelessly writing/arranging new music. Why subject themselves to this – for years (plus having to listen to all the groaning) – unless they want their new album (which is the priority) to be the absolute best than it can possibly be?”

Tool surpassed the 10 year anniversary of their 10,000 Days disc back in May. The effort was the last original studio album to be released by the band.

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