Riders have recently noticed that some positive changes have been made.

Technology and apps are supposed to make everything better and easier, but sometimes that is not the case. Even technology needs some improvements and tweaks at times to help it run more efficiently...especially when it comes to transportation.

What changes were recently made to MTA technology?

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), they have taken all the feedback they have received from riders and have made some positive changes to the MTA app. WOOO HOOOO

What exact changes have been made to the new MTA app?

Some pretty good and important changes will help make getting information much easier. The new version is reportedly faster for riders and will be less of a headache to deal with.

Here's what will be faster:

  • Real-time arrival info and live bus tracking
  • Multi-modal trip planning
  • Accessible travel info and reservations
  • Easy ways to give feedback or help

Let's face it, when you are traveling it can be very stressful and every second counts. Sadly, only a matter of seconds can make a huge difference in whether or not you make your destination.

Shoutout to the MTA for listening to riders and making positive changes that help everyone and will help efforts run more smoothly.

Nobody wants to deal with unhappy riders or people.

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