Coldplay wrapped up their two night stand at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey with a very special guest, a man known for time traveling.

Late in the set on this tour, the band is taking requests via Instagram. On Sunday it was frontman Chris Martin's son Moses who placed a request for a song from 'both of our favorite movies'. That film happens to be Back To The Future. After playing a few bars of 'Earth Angel', Michael J. Fox appeared on stage playing guitar.

Here's a look at the setlist courtesy of

  1. (extended intro with Charlie Chaplin speech)
  2. (with "Oceans" excerpt in intro)
  3. (with Tiësto remix outro)


  4. (dedicated to the victims ofmore )


  5. (partial)
  6. (re-initiated after the intro)
  7. (with "Midnight" excerpt intro)
  8. (David Bowie cover)
  9. C-stage:

  10. (Acoustic)
  11. (acoustic)


  12. (The Penguins cover) (with Michael J. Fox) (requested by CM's son, Moses)
  13. (Chuck Berry cover) (with Michael J. Fox)
  14. (with piano outro)