If Tupac can do it why can't Michael Jackson…no i'm not talking about being a world famous gansta (yeah I wrote gangsta!) I'm talking about releasing amazing music after death. Michael Jackson has been gone since 2009 but only in body, his spirit and his music still lives on as the legends highly anticipated posthumous album has just released it's first music video for the lead single off the alum entitled 'Xscape'. The single is more of a duet between Jackson and pop star Justin Timberlake. Whether your a J.T. fan or not the single is pretty awesome and the music video is one amazing compilation of music and moves. The single itself has the King of Pop all over it…according to officials the song started off as an old MJ demo that was reworked for the album. A beautiful mix of pop, funk, disco and of course the magic mans sound...that accompanied with Justin's own soulful sound the single is said to be a throw back to star's prime 'Thriller' time. You don't have to believe me though, take a listen for yourself. Video above. Enjoy!

P.S…..Posthumous means: after death…just an FYI :) ...knowledge is power!