It's all coming together. Mike Shinoda has been sending out shreds of images to fans in the mail and the "puzzle" pieces are aligning for an announcement from the Linkin Park musician. Fittingly, a new video seems to tie in with the tease as well. Shinoda has just released the clip for "Make It Up as I Go," his collaboration with K. Flay from the Post Traumatic album.

The video itself was directed by Antoni Sendra of Podenco TV and features animation consisting of shreds of photos pieced together in parts, similar to what fans are receiving in the mail. Both Shinoda and K.Flay appear in the clip, but the action centers on a seemingly doomed couple, with actor Lucas Amador wistfully looking at a balloon that has lost its air, tied to a basketball court. The story then plays out as to why he's walking with a cane and has the broken hearted look as we reflect on happier times with the love of his life (actress Concha Nunez). Watch the video above.

Meanwhile, Shinoda has been watching carefully as fans have united to start putting the puzzle pieces sent together. The pieces appear to signify today's shredded art video release of "Make It Up As I Go."

Shinoda, meanwhile, continues to tour in support of his solo release. The next leg of the Post Traumatic tour kicks off Oct. 10 in Montreal. See all of his scheduled dates here.

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