The second annual Hudson Valley Gingerbread House Competition was recently held at Mohonk Mountain House. Year two exceeded expectations as more than 80 gingerbread houses were on display, in year one, there were around 50. The most important rule in the competition: the gingerbread house had to be edible.

There had been some discussion about doing a theme, but it was decided to leave it open. As a result, residents were given the opportunity to be creative.

There were local landmarks, trains, and even a scene straight out of Game of Thrones.

Categories included Adult, Junior, Viewers Choice and Mohonk Mountain House Employee and Families.


  1. Flower Tower - Matthew Maley
  2. Bah Humbug - Lori Pizzoli
  3. Winter Is Coming - George & Maryanne Muscolino


  1. Winter Wonderland - Golden Bellas
  2. The Frozen Wilds - Chloe Hunderfund-Faoro
  3. Cantering Cook/Gingerbread Horse Fam - Brooke Long


  1. Russian Cathedral - Tri-Bells
  2. Christmas Time in the City - The Hot Toddies
  3. Skating Pavilion - Jennifer Yess

Viewers Choice:

  1. Ginger Harbor, Vacationland, USA