New York was hit with a huge winter storm, but that didn't stop residents and local law enforcement from having some fun. It's safe to say the past few days have been very stressful here, we all braced for a big winter storm and that comes with a lot of anxiety. Many people will I get to work? What if I can't shovel? What if school isn't canceled? What if I slip and fall? Despite all the stress, a few residents and a police officer took the positive route and didn't waste the snow day.

Snowy fun in Monroe, NY:

Monroe Police Department Facebook/Canva
Monroe Police Department Facebook/Canva

The Monroe Police Department put up a Facebook post the other day and it looks like everyone made the most out of it. K9 Police Officer Melissa Berke is in the photograph and she stopped by to see Frosty the Snowman and a few younger residents. No, nobody did anything wrong...they all were simply just trying to make the best out of all the snow the area got. The snowman is pretty impressive too, think we can get him a Monroe Police Department badge?

K9 Officer Berke received kind comments on the Facebook post and you can tell she makes a great impact on the community in Monroe.

Here's what people said:

  • Claire- "Fun!!!!"
  • Debbie- "Have a great day Officer Berke"
  • Helen- "This officer is one of the best officers Monroe has"

Thank you to Officer Berke for not only keeping the Hudson Valley safe, but for having fun along the way. As much as I like to see the smiling pictures in the snow I hope that was the last of winter and we are DONE with the bad weather.

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