Some Hudson Valley residents are disappointed after hearing that yet another Pizza Hut location has closed. Was this the last one in the area?

I want to preface this by saying that I know this is New York and we take our pizza very seriously. I know that eating chain and frozen pizza can be considered blasphemy but I feel that Pizza Huts are in a class of their own. I firmly believe that local pizza restaurants and Pizza Hut can coexist.

Pizza Hut has been feeding families for decades.

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I feel terrible for young and future generations who will never know the glory of Pizza Hut. When your parents took you out and you arrived in the parking lot to see that red roof you knew you were in for a good time. Pizza is a great meal for people on the move. If you are eating pizza at home you're either watching television or at a party. Maybe you were celebrating a birthday or a good report card. There was something really great about sitting down with your family and enjoying an entire pizza on a weeknight.

Some residents found out the news by reading about it in a Sullivan County Facebook group. I called the Monticello Pizza Hut location and was sent to a voicemail indicating that it was closed. According to Google Maps the location is closed permanently.

Did we lose Pizza Hut forever in this region forever? Was this the last Pizza Hut in the Hudson Valley?

It appears that there is still one in Newburgh, New York on 75 Plank Road. You can see the remaining New York Pizza Hut locations here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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