Muse will conclude their support of the Simulation Theory album in a rather epic way, shifting things to the big (and we mean big) screen. There's a new Simulation Theory film directed by Lance Drake that will be heading to IMAX theaters around the world on Aug. 21, and will also be available for rent or download.

During the rollout of the Simulation Theory album, Muse were careful to craft a narrative that continued from video to video. Some of those elements were then included within their massive Simulation Theory tour performances, and all of it ties into what fans will be getting from the film, which includes a mix of live performance and a narrative element that follows a team of scientists as they investigate the source of a paranormal anomaly appearing around the world.

Drake, who also directed all the band's videos during the Simulation Theory cycle, says, “The goal for Simulation Theory was to capture the scale of the electrifying live show and to expand upon its connection to the DNA of the world we built for the past three years in music videos for Muse. In a strange turn, the film’s alternate reality eerily started to mirror our own.” You can check out a trailer for the film below.

Muse, Simulation Theory Film Trailer

Muse - Simulation Theory: The IMAX Experience will be available exclusively to IMAX theaters beginning Aug. 17, then will expand to include rentals or downloads starting Aug. 21. Participating theaters will comply with governmental safety measures during theatrical screenings of the movie. Get your IMAX tickets here.

Meanwhile, those interested can place pre-orders on a pair of limited edition box sets surrounding the movie that can be found here and here. Box sets are due to arrive on Dec. 11.

In addition, Muse have also teamed up with Marvel Comics to create and release a custom Simulation Theory comic book and limited-edition poster. For more information on Muse's Simulation Theory film, head here.

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