Growing up, I was surrounded by music. In elementary school, I was in a youth church chorus, and I started guitar lessons. By middle school, I was doing the school musicals, and then by high school, I was in select chorus, and the school a cappella group. Just like the sports I played offered a physical release, music was a creative release. It opened up new ways of thinking, taught me how to work in harmony with others, and it inspired me to go in the direction I am in today.

Music Educators Needed!

This is a fantastic opportunity for music educators. New Windsor Music Academy and Fishkill Music Academy are looking for new teachers to add to their faculty. Between New Windsor and Fishkill, they serve over 650 music students. They have had over 14 years of experience in the area providing fantastic music education to Hudson Valley students. The Academies are looking to fill part-time positions starting at $26 an hour. they are looking for people with at least one year of music teaching experience, a music degree is preferred.

Not all music students are going to go to college for music and make it their career, but they don't have to. Learning music is fun, and it helps instill values like dedication and persistence. It is an outlet for many kids. Music classes/lessons often are the time of day that they are most excited about where they feel like they can be themselves. To this day, I am still very close with my original guitar teacher, Helen Avakian. I just saw her perform at the Towne Crier just recently, which was amazing.

On the other side of it, I've had the pleasure to instruct kids in music. I've worked for Gold's Gym Summer Camp and for Day Rock for their Rock Star Camp programs, and have introduced campers to new instruments. For many campers, it was their first time picking up an instrument. To see the excitement on their face when they realize that they are getting it was such an amazing feeling.

Many of my good friends from college went to school for music education and now teach in schools all over the country. It is so cool to see them thrive, and to see them offer the same kind of excitement they got when they were kids.

What I am trying to say, Music Education is important, and Music Educators are so crucial to the lives of their students. So, if you are a musician and want to teach a new generation of musicians here in the Hudson Valley, consider reaching out to the New Windsor and Fishkill Music Academies.

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