Bears are everywhere this time of year. So, the Parks Service has some friendly advice what to do when encountering one in the wild. They also have some rather unique advice what not to do. The NPS recently shared the status on their Facebook page that has now caught some attention around the country  This is the part that has a few scratching their heads.

Please don’t run from bears or push your slower friends down in attempts of saving yourself.⁣⁣

They go on to say if you come across a bear, to move slowly away and sideways. They also say not to run, for bears chase fleeing animals. Trying to climb a tree is also not a good idea. Making a loud noise to identity yourself as human is advised, however. You want to distinguish yourself from their regular prey.

The Parks Service then reiterates not to push down your slowing moving friends that could be used as bait, in an attempt to save yourself. We all have that one friend who pokes along, without any regard to what's going on. Sacrificing them to the bear is not what you're supposed to do. It may be tempting for some who've had with that one particular freeloader, but don't do it.

Black bears are the prominent bear in New York state, with an estimated 30 to 35% of them in the Catskills. Of course, you can sometimes spot them right in the middle of town, or going through your garbage, or even going for a swim in your backyard pool.

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