Does your dog give you those eyes every time you leave the house? You won't suffer the guilt trip taking the latest Adirondack High Peaks hiking challenge, it includes your canine companion.

First reported by, the ADK-9 Hiking Challenge was created by Phil Galuppi of Liverpool. Phil, an avid hiker, was idling at home with the pandemic shutting down most of New York, when the idea hit to create a new challenge. After reading many DEC reports of people taking their dogs to the High Peaks unaware of just how challenging they were the light bulb went on.

this challenge provides 9 dog friendly hikes with rewarding views and offers a chance to explore lesser traveled peaks of the region.

Completing all 9 peaks and registering with gets you and the dog a patch. The website also offers tips on dog safety when hiking, like packing enough water and nutrition for both of you. Here's the entire interview with Phil at

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