On September 1st, 2022, new laws went into effect regarding gun ownership in New York State. Many changes specifically regulate not only how a New York State resident can obtain a concealed carry license, but where they are able to bring their firearm. One New York county is taking it a step further.

Gun Permit Laws in New York

Recently, New York State police shared an updated FAQ list regarding new changes to New York gun laws. They reiterated that all New York residents must still obtain a permit to own a handgun, both to keep in their home (called a "have and posses license" or "premises license") or carry when they leave their home ("have and carry concealed license" or "concealed carry license").

Even with a concealed carry license, however, authorities reminded residents that there are still locations where they cannot bring their firearms. That's where one county sheriff's office decided to take action.

Concealed Carry Permit Exceptions in New York State

Bringing a concealed firearm to places like hospitals, public parks, and religious buildings is not allowed. The same goes for any state or federally-controlled building, homeless shelters, and large public gathering places like baseball stadiums and concert venues. One detail that stuck out to the Niagara County Sheriff's Department (NCSD) had to do with private businesses.

Niagara County Sheriff via Facebook
Niagara County Sheriff via Facebook

In a recent Facebook post, the department claimed that "one of [the] changes instituted a default of no concealed carry on private property and businesses unless deemed permissible by property owners." NCSD made the above signs for businesses that would like to allow customers with concealed firearms.

While it should be noted that even though the NCSD made these claims, "private businesses" were not included in the list provided by the New York State Police prohibiting concealed firearms. Even so, would a sign actually do anything to regulate whether people bring guns into stores?

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New York Reacts

Concealed carry is allowed anywhere without metal detectors" said one comment. "Shhhh nobody will ever know because the word of the day is concealed!!", quipped another. Or, as The Simpsons once joked when Lisa was reading a placard: "I'm a sign not a cop"

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