The idea that pop punk is dead has been floating around for a while. We all remember the "Defend Pop Punk" Man Overboard merch that used to be worn in the early 2000s. With Warped Tour's 2018 announcement that it was going to be the final Cross Country Run of Warped Tour, the pop punk community felt a little pessimistic. But since then a lot of Pop Punk festivals have been popping up along with emerging pop punk tours like Sad Summer Festival and Disrupt Fest. Along with more collaborations, last year Simple Plan was on tour with pop punk bands State Champs and We The Kings, while on tour they collaborated creating the song  "Where I Belong"

Simple Plan posted a video on Twitter on Feb. 11 announcing that they will be going on tour this summer with New Found Glory and Knuckle Puck.

We love seeing bands defending pop punk and reminding the world that the genre and culture of Pop Punk is still alive and thriving. Their V.I.P party stands for the "Very Important Pizza" Party, just another reminder that Pop Punk culture has not been forgotten. You can purchase pre-sale tickets now and general tickets go on sale Friday, Feb 14th.

Pop Punk Is Still Not Dead Tour Dates

5/29/2020 - St. Petersburg, FL
5/31/2020 - Atlanta, GA
6/2/2020 - Silver Spring, MD
6/3/2020 - New York, NY
6/7/2020 - Boston, MA
6/9/2020 - Pittsburgh, PA
6/10/-2020 - Cleveland, OH
6/12/2020 - Detroit, MI
6/13/2020 - Chicago, IL
6/14/2020 - Minneapolis, MN
6/16/2020 - Denver, CO
6/17/2020 - Salt Lake City, UT
6/19/2020 - Seattle, WA
6/20/2020 - Portland, OR
6/21/2020 - Berkeley, CA
6/23/2020 - Anaheim, CA
6/25/2020 - Tempe, AZ
6/27/2020 - Dallas, TX
6/28/2020 - Austin, TX