There's a pretty good chance you haven't had beer from this week's Beer of the Week brewery. In fact, neither had I until just before we decided to feature it.

It's always exciting to try new breweries, especially when they're from right here in the Empire State. This week's is a brand new brewery (started just last year) from Staten Island.

That's right, the rugged lands of the Shaolin. Throw your Ws up.

(Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect)
(Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect)

The brewery is called Flagship Brewing Co., and we decided to start off with a really sessionable but still Autumn-esque beer. I mean, it is October, after all.

Their Mild Ale is one that has some similarities to a brown ale, but definitely has enough unique character to stand on its own. It won't weigh you down like a lot of people assume dark beers will, as it's got a really light feel to it. The roastiness comes through, so you can absolutely see why this is a great beer for the early Fall, but it's not going to beat you over the head with malt; it finishes up with a little bit of hop at the end just to make it easy to take another sip.

And at <5% ABV, it's one that you can definitely session without having to hide your phone to prevent making regrettable texting choices.

Grab that growler at Half Time, and enjoy the glory of discovering a great beer from a great new brewery.