After years of searching for a buyer, the now-abandoned Nevele Grand hotel in Ulster County, NY finally has new ownership... and they have big plans.

The Nevele (which is "eleven" spelled backwards), closed in 2009 after over 100 years of business. As it sat dormant, the once-bustling resort soon began to decay, collecting graffiti, broken windows, and even "urban explorers" documenting the vacant property. Soon, however, it may all be gone.

The Nevele Grand Hotel (Epic Exploration via YouTube)
The Nevele Grand Hotel (Epic Exploration via YouTube)

New Plans for the Nevele in Ellenville, NY

It was recently reported that an investment group helmed by Keith Rubenstein bought the decrepit Nevele property with big plans for the future. Rubenstein, the same man who was instrumental in the acquisition of the building for the soon-to-be-opened Borscht Belt Museum in Ellenville, NY, seems to have big plans to return the resort (and Ellenville) to its former glory.

Epic Exploration via YouTube
The current state of the Nevele Grand (Epic Exploration via YouTube)

Saying Goodbye to the Original Nevele Grand Hotel

The hardest pill for some Hudson Valley residents to swallow may be that to move forward, developers say they need to begin with a clean slate. This means that before the Nevele is built up, plans are already underway to tear it all down. Take a look at the present-day condition in the video below.

What Will Replace the Original Nevele Grand Resort

Plans for the new Nevele (no news yet about any potential name changes) include a hotel, condos, "luxury cottages", townhomes, and apartments for employees to live on-site. While there is no specific information on the future of the Nevele's iconic ski hill, there are plans for "sports facilities" along with hiking trails, a farm stand, and a new restaurant.

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The revitalization of Ellenville and the surrounding area could be a welcome change for many residents who have witnessed the decline of a once-bustling local economy. Take one last look at the abandoned Nevele below, and keep scrolling to see some more of the most interesting (and forlorn) properties in the Hudson Valley.

Abandoned Nevele Resort, Ellenville, New York

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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