The City of Poughkeepsie is installing 48 new parking meters that will make life much easier.

If you've had to park in the City of Poughkeepsie, you know just how much of a hassle those parking meters can be. Finding one that actually works can sometimes be a chore, and when you do finally get one that is turned on, waiting behind someone who is trying to figure out how to dip their card and print out a receipt can take forever.

It looks like the parking situation is going to start running more smoothly and take a lot less time thanks to 48 brand new smart meters that are being installed throughout the city. Most of the new machines will replace the current meters that have proven to be unpopular with many residents.  Additional meters will also be added on Academy Street between Main and Cannon streets and another one will be installed on Catharine Street between Main Street and the arterial. The city announced that they are removing the meters that are east of Clinton Street and west of Clover Street.

The new parking machines will allow residents to pay using a mobile app. The touchless payment option is sure to be popular, especially during the current pandemic. Those wishing to pay with a credit card will also be able to buy their parking time directly at the machine.

And no, the new machines won't bring a higher price tag. Parking prices are staying the same. Residents will still be charged 25 cents per 15 minutes on Main and Market streets for a maximum of 2 hours, and the $1.50 per hour fee in the municipal parking lots will remain.

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