A golfer was arrested for allegedly beating a Canada goose to death at a Hudson Valley golf course.

On Monday, the Putnam County SPCA announced a New York man was charged after a goose was killed.

Goose Killed At Putnam County, New York Golf Course


On Friday, August 18, officers of the Putnam County SPCA responded to a call from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The DEC was told a golfer beat a Canada goose to death at the Putnam County Golf Course in Mahopac.

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Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement Division Detectives quickly responded and met with DEC forest rangers at the golf course and interviewed staff and witnesses.

Witnesses told officers that the Canada Goose was struck by a golf ball and was dazed. It's unclear if the goose was purposely hit by the golf ball, but witnesses believe it was an accident.

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Carmel, New York Man Charged With Animal Cruelty At Mahopac, New York Golf Course

After the goose was hit by a golf ball and was dazed, a Carmel man allegedly hit the goose several times with his golf club.

The man walked away. But after he noticed the goose was still moving, he came back and hit the goose with his club again, police say.

After witnesses pointed out the golfer, a man from Carmel, New York, he was charged on the scene with animal cruelty.


The DEC issued him a summons for his alleged violation under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Law.

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He will be arraigned the Town of Carmel Court on September 12.

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