Sure, it's not the most romantic accent but to some it could be a natural aphrodisiac.

When we think of sexy accents that people have I think we can all find some common ground with Italian, French and Spanish. Most would even find a little southern draw kind of sweet.

Babel recently released a list of the sexiest American accents. I encourage you to give these your best try at impersonating them. Here are a few that topped the list.

4. Minnesota and Upper Peninsula  - This one just boggles my mind. Being from Michigan I can honestly state that it's hard to take anyone seriously when they say "Ya" and "Don't ya know."

3. Southern accent - Who doesn't like a cowboy or cowgirl. It's by far the most polite of Amercian accents. Who doesn't enjoy a good "howdy"?

2.  Boston - If you're aren't sure what a Boston accent sounds like just watch Good Will Hunting. It's a wicked good movie.

1.  New York - It's just a classic and apparently it's exotic and sexy. Be sure to exude arrogance and be super loud when using it. Here's how a typical romantic conversation happens in New York.

"There's nowhere's else I'd rather be right now than with you."


"Awe, thanks honey. I love you's too."


Do you agree? Which accents should be on here?