Maybe it's true when they say that elevators are safer than escalators? We've all seen the comical videos of people having difficulties maneuvering their way on escalators. Some people just can't seem to keep their balance. This gentleman, however, seems to take clumsiness to a whole new level, according to witnesses at a popular supermarket chain. And while the title of this article may make one think this ended horrifically, it didn't, thankfully.

How on Earth Did He Do This? 

Witnesses told NBC NY that the man slipped while going up an escalator at a Trader Joe's store on 72nd Street and Broadway. From there, they said he somehow actually got his head stuck in the escalator. There aren't too many other details of what they exactly mean by "getting his stuck in an escalator", but it certainly conjures up quite a few mental imagines and scenarios. The man was said to have suffered minor injuries but was conscious and alert when being transported to the hospital.


NY Woman Delivers Baby in Car

These are just the sort of situations first responders are trained to confront. That includes helping a woman in her own vehicle deliver a baby before they reach the hospital. When a couple got stuck Sunday afternoon in their 100K black X model Tesla on their way to New York Medical Center, they flagged down police for help. Police say they had to reroute to Bellevue when they noticed the Tesla suddenly stop behind them. Officials say the woman had given birth in their vehicle. The Post says that the woman was transported to NYU with her baby, with the help of emergency crews.

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No word if the couple has received any congratulations from Elon Musk, though we hope they don't name the kid some bizarre series of codes and numbers.

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