The classic wisdom is that "snitches get stiches"... but what happens when you tell on yourself? A New York hunter is in hot water after he accidentally confessed to poaching on social media.

New York state is a haven for hunters, fishers, and trappers. From deer to beaver and (nearly) everything in between, countless animals can be harvested in the correct season and with the correct license. One hunter learned the hard way that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) will go to great lengths to make sure the rules are followed.

ECO Bohling seized the antlers as evidence in the case (NYS DEC)
ECO Bohling seized the antlers as evidence in the case (NYS DEC)

Illegal Hunting in Schoharie County, NY

The incident began when an Environmental Control Officer (ECO) received a tip about a hunter who may have illegally harvested a deer in Wright, NY. A brief search through the DEC's records showed that the suspected hunter had received a hunting license suspiciously close to the date of harvest... so the investigation turned to social media. From the NYS DEC:

The Officer discovered the subject purchased a New York State hunting license on Oct. 7 at 10:33 a.m. However, the defendant posted a video of a bloody arrow on Oct. 6, and shortly after that posted a photo of himself and the deer, roughly two hours after purchasing the hunting license on Oct. 7 at 12:29 p.m.


When confronted with the social media evidence, the hunter admitted to ECOs that he first killed the deer on October 6th and then applied for a license the following day. Two tickets were issued, and both the deer's antlers and meat were seized.

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The NYS DEC is always hard at work keeping both humans and animals safe. From rescues to education, rangers and ECOs may have some of the most interesting work days in the state. Check out some of their impressive New York rescues below.

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