One Dutchess County spot is one of the best places to visit on a summer day.

It seems like the weather is finally staying nice around here (thank god). I suffer all winter to enjoy this time of the year so I take it very seriously. It was beautiful out the other day and I had a few extra minutes before heading into work and wanted to sit outside.I wasn't sure where to go at first, but then quickly found a great place.

What hidden pond in East Fishkill is beautiful and is a great place to check out?

I'm a little mortified to say I just found this place because I've driven by it many, many times. Sometimes you do really need to slow down for a second and pay attention to what's around you.

I finally did that and stumbled across Emmadine Pond in the East Fishkill/Hopewell Junction area. It's a 13-acre lake that is perfect for fishing and non-motorized boating. Thankfully with the extra daylight you have plenty of time to get there, the park is open during daylight hours only and closes at dusk.


What is so special about Emmadine Pond in the Hudson Valley?

The times I spent there was so lovely. The view of the water was beautiful, the fresh air felt great, it was so nice to see people outside, hear people laughing, seeing kids and parents fish and more. You'll surely have to check this pond out in the Dutchess County area,

I think it's safe to say this a true hidden gem...

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Now, II'm not going to spoilt it for you and post a picture. This means you need to go check it out for yourself and joy the beauty.

Have you been to Emmadine Pond before? Where's your favorite spot? Where are your other favorite spots in the Hudson Valley to visit when the weather gets nice? Share your answers with us on the station app:

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