Is it showing respect for the bean or is it just a way to show how snobby you can be?

Just how much do you respect your cup of coffee in the morning? Do you love coffee enough to justify spending $24 on one cup of coffee?

I enjoy a good cup of coffee as much as the next millennial but this just seems a little outrageous. Why do we keep seeing all of the weird trends and fads in our coffee? If it's not broken you shouldn't have to fix it, right?


First we saw the unicorn phase, then the dragon phase and then just in time for Halloween, we get zombie coffee.

According to Munchies, if you're in New York City you can stop by Eleven Madison Park's coffee and grab an expensive cup of caffeine.

They brew each up right at your table. Now that is super classy. You can really impress a date by showing her how coffee is made. I'm guessing that if a coffee is $24 I might not be able to afford much else.

Oh, the texture of the coffee has been described as sharing the same texture as yogurt.