What's all the construction?

This is a common question that those who reside in the Hudson Valley have asked themselves before. It seems like there is always some sort of construction happening in our area. However, this is good news. Whether it's for safer streets, bigger bridges or even more lanes on roads, it's for the better.

I noticed a lot of construction this past summer on different bridges throughout the Hudson Valley. It may have been a hassle in the past but now we can look forward to changes on the road that make our days easier.

The Historic Bridges In The Hudson Valley Have A Story To Tell

Have you heard the history behind Hudson Valley bridges?

The Mid-Hudson Bridge is also referred to as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge. Hudson Valley natives were happy to hear that this bridge is named after the 32nd, President of the United States FDR, who resided in Hyde Park with his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.

I recently visited FDR's cousin's house in Rhinebeck, NY. I had no idea whose home it was until I came across all of the historic markings and signs.

The Mid-Hudson Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge Is "Unique"

According to Historic Bridges.org, 

The Mid-Hudson Bridge is known for its

"unique tower design and its location over the scenic Hudson River. In addition to this bridge's main spans, there are a number of approach spans."

Just as the Mid-Hudson Bridge has historic ties to the Hudson Valley, so does a bridge in Orange County, NY.

The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge Is Also Referred To Its Historic Name

According to Historic Bridges.org, 

The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is a

" rare arched cantilever truss bridge that has been paired with a newer bridge of similar overall design. The newer, non-historic eastbound bridge is wider, has less complicated members that are not riveted, but maintains the general shape of the truss. "

The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge Is Also Known As The Hamilton Fish Bridge

This bridge is in honor of Hamilton Fish, himself. In 1848, Fish served the role of governor of New York. He was also selected as Secretary of State by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1869 and served as the United States Senator.

The New York State Bridge Authority Announced Exciting Change For Hudson Valley Bridge

According to the City of Newburgh Gov, 

"The New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA) recently announced that the hours of operation for the pedestrian and bicycling pathway at the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge have been expanded to 24/7 access.


Special thanks to the City of Newburgh Transportation Advisory Committee, the Orange County Transportation Department, NYSBA, elected officials and residents on both sides of the river for helping improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity within the region. "

The New York State Bridge Authority received "a number of public comments in favor of expanding pedestrian hours at Newburgh-Beacon."

What Should You Do Next Time You're Sitting In Bridge Traffic?

The next time that we find ourselves in traffic wondering why there is a construction, we can reframe our thoughts to get excited about the positive changes to our historic, Hudson Valley bridges.

When you pass over a bridge in the Hudson Valley, keep in mind the historic influences that it has and I'm sure it'll make your experience at the moment, more worth the drive.

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