White Castle is one of those fast food chains who, over the years, have garnered their own cult following amongst many. It must be those huge packets of those little sliders that do it. They're cheap too! This, of course, is not what White Castle wants to be associated with at all. Now, police say a man from New York state is in a bit of trouble after drugs were allegedly found on him during a traffic stop. Why is that important? It just so happens that the drugs were allegedly hidden in a soda cup the suspect got from a White Castle restaurant. Oops.

CBS says the 39 year-old suspect was pulled over the night of December 27 on I-787. Investigators say that authorities found a quantity of individually wrapped packs of cocaine and fentanyl in the plastic cup. The Albany County Sheriff's Office says the suspect was taken into custody and charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, possession charges, and multiple traffic violations.

It may sound unusual for someone to transport drugs in something like an old soda cup, but it's not much worse than a cereal box, right? In October 2020, a stop on the NY State Thruway turned into an unexpected find, as police say they discovered five pounds of cocaine stored inside two separate boxes of Lucky Charms cereal in the suspect's vehicle. Guess they really are magically delicious?

Perhaps if the suspect from the first story is such a big fan of White Castle, he could get married there one day? This couple won a contest where they got to get married at a White Castle in the Bronx in early 2019. The ceremony even came complete with contest that provided cake, flowers, and catering to up to twenty guests. How about that?

White Castle currently has locations in Yonkers, Spring Valley, and Nanuet, though nothing near Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, or Kingston just yet. If they ever happen to expand to the Mid-Hudson area, we hope you visit and enjoy the food. Just please don't store any drugs in the food containers.

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