Cheesecake is delicious but is it to die for?

I watch a lot of shows about true crime like Forensic Files and Cold Case Files. The murders and other violent crimes featured in these shows are usually committed with similar weapons. The most common types of weapons used are firearms, knives, blunt objects and even poison. Poison is common but the means in which how the poison is administered is rarely the same. This might be a new one.

A woman was nearly killed and tainted cheesecake was the weapon of choice.

This sounds like the next made for television movie on Lifetime or at the very least this story might be featured on ID.

One of the most bizarre crime stories in recent history took place right here in New York and I don't think anyone heard about it when the story originally was released. According to The Guardian, a 47-year old woman from Russia who lived in New York was recently sentences to over 2 decades in prison for attempted murder. The woman's victim resembled her physically and they also both spoke Russian. The victim was later found by friends unconscious and it appeared that she tried to kill herself with pills. She reportedly got sick after eating a piece of dessert.

When the victim returned home from the hospital a lot of her belongings and important documents were missing including her passport. The dessert she had tested positive for a sedative. It's almost like the the woman was trying to kill her and steal her identity.

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