An influencer from New York made an unhinged video after ordering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich in Boston and I don't think I blame him one bit.

I didn't grow up in New York State. I lived in Michigan until I was almost 30 years old. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and we didn't have any real pizzerias near me. I didn't discover real pizza until I moved here. We also didn't have a real deli in my home town. One of the best things about New York is that you can go to almost any deli in the state and order a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and you would probably get a similar looking sandwich from each place.

I guess the BEC looks a little different in Massachusetts. Social media influencer and content creator, Jojo Scarlotta was not shy when pointing that out in a recent video he shared on his Instagram page.

This vdeo left me with more questions than answers about the shabby looking sandwich like how do they get the egg to be a perfect square? Did they even toast the bagel? Why is it so clean?

Here is the video where Jojo gives this monstrosity its proper review. Warning NSFW content ahead. Scarlotta and his twin brother, Nicky have many other hilarious videos on Instagram.

I wonder if he ended up eating it or throwing it in the harbor.

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