So you are getting ready to make a quick trip down the road, across the county, or even across the nation, how can you almost instantly recognize that a driver is from New York? What are some of the things that you can swear are unofficial rules of the road?

What does every New Yorker know that are 'unofficial rules' of the road? How long have you been driving? Do you have better driving habits than these people?

5 Things Every New Yorker Knows; Rules of The Road

AndreyPopov from Getty Images
AndreyPopov from Getty Images

So, if you are a real New Yorker, you know how to drive a car, while you are yelling at the passengers in your car, the other drivers, and at the same time, holding your coffee without spilling a drop. You also know where there are at least 5 drive-thru's to be able to get another coffee if you run out before you get to your final destination.

Pop-Quiz, If you are a New Yorker do you slow down or speed up at a traffic light that has just turned yellow?

A red traffic light against a blue and cloudy sky

Any true person from New York knows that a yellow light in any other state means slow, and stop if you can, but here it means heck, yeah, don't stop now! When I first moved to the area 30 years ago, I went to stop at a yellow light and almost got rear-ended.

Why should a true New Yorker make sure to slow down at a construction or work zone? Two reasons.

Los Angeles's 405 Freeway Re-Opens Ahead Of Schedule
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First and foremost, yes, you should slow down if you see construction or work zone signs, those people working there are other people's family members and we all want them to make it home tonight. There is a reduced speed rate in a construction zone. Most New Yorkers tend to go at least 10 mph above the posted construction zone limit. The other reason that you should slow down in a construction or work zone? Nowadays, some of those people dressed as construction workers are actually cops, who have speed guns.

What every New Yorker knows to do this when you get pulled over by a cop:


What do you know to do when you get pulled over by a cop? Do you get ready to give a smart-mouth response? Do you ask questions about it? Or do you just put your hands on the wheel and wait patiently knowing that whatever is happening will be over in just a few minutes? Hands on the wheel and start mentally thinking about where the registration and proof of insurance are in the car, might be a better way to go.

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