There are great things about each time of year. The winter brings vast snow filled days, while the warming sun filled days of Spring bring melt and with-it potholes. Ah, the dreaded pothole season. It isn't on a calendar; it just magically appears as the snow starts to melt and the March/April showers start to dissipate.

How can you prepare yourself for this "thing called pothole season?" Here are a few tips that all New York drivers should know to avoid or at least minimize the damage to your car or vehicle.

How to minimize damage to your car or vehicle during Pothole Season?

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One of the first things (and the best) that you can do to minimize damage when hitting a pothole is to make sure that if you have to drive through it to go through it slowly and to also make sure that you have your tires inflated to the correct tire pressure. If your tire pressure is too low, you risk doing damage to the rim of your wheel. If your tire pressure is too high, you risk the tire popping. 

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When driving is that a puddle or a pothole?


Keep in mind, you might not even know that you are approaching a pothole because it could be masquerading as a puddle. Yes, you know the scenario. You think it is a harmless puddle and then cah-chunk, you hear the trauma.

If you think that you have hit a pothole too aggressively or you even remotely think that you have done any damage to your car, get it to the mechanic immediately.

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