Things are changing in the City of Newburgh quite possibly for the better. The Newburgh City Council voted in October of 2021 to add the stop signs to several key intersections that had become safety hazards to help protect pedestrians and motorists.

The changes will start to take place the week of November 8, 2021. While some of the affected intersections are already two-way stop intersections, the changes will make them become four-way stops.

Where will the changes be made?

Here are the intersections that are going to see the new stop signs being installed, for the safety of motorists and pedestrians:

  • First Street and Liberty Street,
  • Renwick Street and South Lander Street,
  • Dupont Avenue and Thompson Street

What can you expect while the stop signs are being put into place? A minor inconvenience as a motorist, while the street stencils are being painted (and drying) along with being aware and keeping out of the way of the persons doing the installation.

According to the NYS DMV, you must approach a stop sign in the following manner, by-the-way, when was the last time you did any of this? Hmm? Yeah, me neither.

Come to a full stop, yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians in or heading toward the intersection. Go when it is safe. You must come to a stop before the stop line, if there is one. If not, you must stop before you enter the crosswalk. If there is no stop line or crosswalk, you must stop before you enter the intersection, at the point nearest the intersection that gives you a view of traffic on the intersecting roadway.



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