The City of Newburgh has had enough, they've filed a major lawsuit alleging the federal government is responsible for polluting the cities main water supply. Washington Lake has been closed for more than two years after the discovery of a dangerous chemical that is associated with a number of health risks.

"The City is asking the court to hear and respond to our citizens’ exposure to toxic contaminants." City of Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey said in a press release. "We are standing up for our citizen’s rights to clean and healthy water, and demanding damages so we can provide our citizens rebates for the contaminated water they received.”

The City of Newburgh wants 23 defendants that manufactured and sold PFAS, or owned and/or operated the ANG Base and Airport to clean up the PFAS contamination in the Newburgh and pay for the city’s continued supply of clean water until the cleanup is completed.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants’ manufacture, sale and use of aqueous film forming foam (“AFFF”) containing PFAS resulted in widespread contamination of Washington Lake, the city’s primary water supply for more than 27,000 consumers, and the watershed for the city’s drinking water supply reservoirs.

PFAS are extremely mobile and persistent in the environment and may cause human health risks, officials say.

More information about the lawsuit can be found HERE. 

What are your thoughts on the matter, is the government responsible for cleaning up this mess?

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