We've all heard about The Friend Zone. It doesn't necessarily apply to any specific gender but is commonly associated with a male who likes a female yet she only sees him as a friend. This conditioned has plagued countless numbers of men who claim to be The Nice Guy. The definition of a nice guy is an article unto itself but I'm going to stick with one particular Hudson Valley Craigslist post in the Strictly Platonic category of the personals.

This woman posted on Craigslist seeking a party friend. Wanting a guy to call her "best friend." Can you actually shop for a person to friend zone? This seems a little fishy to me. The original poster claims to want to hit strip clubs with their potential male best friend. This seems so misleading but I'm assuming they wanted to keep themselves interesting by offering to do stuff a guy would like to do.

If you're looking for a new female best friend in the Newburgh area you can find their Craigslist post here.