If you've met me, you know I have a bizarre fascination with Guy Fieri. He's an incredibly compelling person to me; someone who so shamelessly pursues the most gluttonous food this world has to offer, who travels across the nation to eat thousands of calories' worth of food with little-to-no nutritional value, who embraces a sunglasses tan with reckless abandon, and who has contributed so much to keeping the flame-bowling-shirt industry alive.

It might sound like I'm being entirely sarcastic when I say all of those things--er, well, write all those things--but I'm not. I earnestly wish that I had the level of self-confidence required to be Guy Fieri every day.

That being said, this is a weirdly appropriate and perfect combination of soundtrack and video. Check out how satisfying this is:

Here's a less caloric, less-filling, but just as enjoyable rendition of the song by Nine Inch Nails in live form.