From Elvis Costello, Avett Brothers, and Something Corporate to A Tribe Called Quest, here's a look at nine popular songs that include 'Poughkeepsie' in the lyrics. There are dozens more and you can link up with Poughkeepsie Pop Culture for details.

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1. The Lemonheads 'Poughkeepsie'

'Goes on in Spanish Harlem

Goes on in Poughkeepsie

People slip away...'

2. A Tribe Called Quest 'The Love'

'From Ohio to Poughkeepsie

From Phoenix to NC

From Cali to DC...'

3. The Avett Brothers 'Salina'

'Poughkeepsie, hang up the telephone

I won't answer your calls no more

New York, quit calling, New York, leave me be...'

4. Something Corporate 'I Woke Up In a Car'

'I woke in New York City

From my sleep behind the wheel

Caught a train to Poughkeepsie

And time stood still'

5. Elvis Costello 'Sulphur to Sugarcane'

'The women in Poughkeepsie

Take their clothes off when they're tipsy

But in Albany, New York

They love the filthy way I talk'

6. Jaime Kennedy 'Rolling With Bob Sagat'

'Now the night's young but errybody's gettin' tipsy

Bob's in the booth with a chick from Poughkeepsie'

7. Charles Bradley 'Why Is It So Hard?'

'You got to move away from here

I went to upstate New York

A little town they call Poughkeepsie'

8. Strata 'Poughkeepsie'

'I met the devil in Poughkeepsie, New York.

He took a seat right beside me at the end of the bar

He said I look familiar, had we met sometime before?'

9. Batteries Not Included 'Poughkeepsie City of Sin'

Poughkeepsie city of sin

Poughkeepsie city I live in

Poughkeepsie there's nothin' to do

Po-pokeepsie I love you'

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