Betty Crocker has changed the game. This frosting really takes the cake even if I may or may not have just eaten it straight from the container.

Nothing says forget about that quarantine diet quite like eating an entire container of frosting.

I don't know who needs to see this right now but you can now buy Dunkaroos frosting at Hudson Valley stores. I ate an entire container of this glorified funfetti frosting in one day. It may be the fattest thing I've ever done. I'm not proud of it but I honestly regret nothing. It was so worth it and I would probably spend my cheat day the same way all over again.

Dunkaroos made there triumphant return in the Hudson Valley this past summer. Since their comeback, the snack has become extremely popular once again. Many stores struggled to keep them stocked on the shelves.

The tiny cookies are great but we all bought Dunkaroos for the frosting.

At some point they must have decided to skip the middle man. Who needs a tiny cookie anyway?

I was walking in a local Dollar General looking to grab a few quick items when I noticed the tub in all of its glory. I don't need it but I had to have it.

My brain impulsively acted on both my nostalgia and my sweet tooth.

I don't ever remember seeing this on the shelf. Were these ever a thing? I don't remember this even when Dunkaroos were popular.

If you have any issue in your life that can be drowned in 1400 calories and grams upon grams of sugar then look no further.