It's that time of year when tons of posters for different music festivals from all across the country appear on my Facebook feed. Most of them are what you expect: lots of different bands, often with some overlap (this year, I'm pretty sure The Killers, Eminem, and Jack White played like 80% of all festivals). But one poster made me do a double take.

That would be the poster for Ozy Fest, taking place on July 21st and 22nd at Rumsey Playfield in New York City. At first glance, it seems normal - bands like Grouplove, Young The Giant, and Passion Pit. And then you notice Hillary Clinton's name on there. And Martha Stewart. And Karl Rove, Salman Rushdie, and Alex Rodriguez.

So what exactly is Ozy Fest? Because it sure doesn't seem like your typical music festival. According to the website, it's been described by the New York Times as "part music festival, part TED Talk, part food fair," while CNBC has called it "New York's answer to SXSW." It looks like an even mix of performers, comedians, and guest speakers from all different backgrounds that will result in a truly eclectic experience.

So if you ever wanted to see Hillary Clinton share a stage with Common, Ozy Fest might be your only chance. It's a weird lineup, but it's sure to be a memorable one.