You may have come across one of these new cashless tolls while crossing a bridge recently. You were driving along, began to slow down, looked around confused for a second, then drove off before anyone could notice that you hadn't paid the toll.

You fool! You did pay the toll! Or you will, anyway. These cashless tolls take a picture of your license plate and then send you a bill later on. New York has been implementing them across the state since 2016, and now they're expanding into the lower Hudson Valley.

By the end of the year, locations in Harriman, Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Springwood will no longer accept cash as they're converted to the new system. The change has so far been effective as a time-saving measure, cutting back on traffic substantially.

Are you in favor of the new cashless tolls? Or do you think the change is pointless and you'd rather see the energy spent elsewhere?