Last year one of the Hudson Valley's busiest fire departments moved into its new Home. The New Paltz Fire Department moved into its new central location at 117 Henry W Dubois Rd.

It was last September when the New Paltz Fire Department shared that they had officially moved out of the old station at 25 Plattekill Ave. The social media post mentioned that they had moved all the apparatus to the new location and that the fire department members were attending the first monthly meeting.

Old New Paltz Firehouse Tuning Into Community Space in New Paltz, New York

25 Plattekill Ave via Google
25 Plattekill Ave via Google

Fast forward to last week for the news that the Village of New Paltz shared about plans for the old firehouse location. It seems there has been a plan in the works to make the old firehouse garage into a recreational space.

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In a Facebook post shared on June 25, 2023, the Village of New Paltz shared that the former fire department garage was going to be repurposed into a multi-purpose space for indoor activities The specific uses weren't mentioned in the post but it was clear it would b used for both youth and adult activities.

Village of New Paltz via Facebook
Village of New Paltz via Facebook

Local Bank Helps Support New Community Space in New Paltz, New York

Work has officially begun at 25 Plattekill Avenue to create a community space that can be used for a variety of activities. The Village made sure to thank M&T Bank for its generosity. They help with out-of-pocket costs plus joined the volunteer workforce that included members of the Bruderhoff and members of the community.

Village of New Paltz via Facebook
Village of New Paltz via Facebook

Powerwashing and some painting have the garage looking good and ready for it the first opportunity that presents itself. If you have an organization that could use a space that once house a fire department be sure to get ahold of the Village of New Paltz to find out how you and your organization can utilize the space.

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