Racing isn't over yet at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown. The 2021 race season has been exciting. It has been great to be back in the grandstands and the drive-in for the summer. Back in June the Wolf got to be part of an exciting night of racing and we are looking forward to 2022.

photo by PQ
photo by PQ

The next big night of racing is this Thursday September 2, 2021.  The OCFS will present the United Rentals Big Block 50-Lap Championship which they have arranged for the feature to include past champions. They even have a past champion who will be traveling all the way from Florida for Thursday's fun, Buzzie Reutimann.

As always on racing night the pits open at 4 PM. Hot Laps are at 6 PM and racing is at 7 PM. This weeks 50 Lap Big Block Modified race will end with someone being crowned champion and to make it even more exciting $25,000 is on the line. The Champion will also be joined in Victory Lane by legendary race car drive Buzzie Reutimman along with other past champions.

If you are a dirt track fan this is the night you want to be on hand for the racing excitement that only the Orange County Fair Speedway can bring to the track. Grab a grandstand seat or make a plan for the drive-in. Every seat is a good seat at OCFS


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