More than ever, we're turning to holistic options, wellness centers and finding ways to better ourselves. There are endless opportunities in the Hudson Valley of different events we can participate in to experience healing.

Reiki sessions, kirtan classes and qigong classes are some of the unique ways we can learn more not only about wellness but more about ourselves as well.

Hudson Valley oxygen bars, red light therapy sessions and infrared saunas also allow us to relax, restore and rejuvenate when we need it the most during our busy lives.

New Wellness Sanctuary Brightens Up Orange County, NY

It's always exciting when new businesses open in the Hudson Valley. Recently,  a new "australian style cafe" opened their doors in Putnam County, NY.

A new cat cafe opened their doors in Ulster County, NY where adoptable cats can be visited and find their fur-ever home.

Recently, a new wellness sanctuary has opened their doors in Orange County, NY. This business brings a new light to this area.

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SUNSTONE Sanctuary Opens Their Doors In Chester, NY

SUNSTONE Sanctuary is located in Chester, NY. They're known for being a "Crystals & Wellness Sanctuary".

SUNSTONE Sanctuary opened on September 8, 2023, they had a Grand Rising Community special event with their grand opening weekend following that date.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary shared,

"It serves as a place for people to visit and connect to their mind, body and soul on a deeper level."


"The Sanctuary has various offerings from Crystals and Wellness Retail, Massage and BodyWork, Infrared Sauna Therapy, PEMF Sessions, Energy Healing, Ayurveda, Sound Therapy as well as a full schedule of amazing workshops and events!"

Personally, I love all things related to wellness, crystals, self care and sound therapy. It seems as if they have something for everyone.

What Classes, Workshops Or Events Will Be Featured At SUNSTONE Sanctuary?

SUNSTONE Sanctuary not only offers massages, infrared sauna sessions and PEMF/ Infrared BioMat sessions but events and workshops also take place on site.

Workshops such as Cacao & Sound Ceremony with Avi Burn, Women's Circle and Ayurveda 101 w/ Jenese are some of the many options available.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary also has "Soul Candy" under their wellness retail. They shared,

"At the heart of the Sanctuary is an amazing collective of practitioners who bring their knowledge and expertise of the Integrative Healing Arts to the community."


"When you arrive here, you will be greeted with a  timelessness that allows you to soften into exactly what you need. Here is where you come to “Nurture Your Soul Space.”"

Additional information can be found from the link provided.

Where is your favorite wellness or healing center in the Hudson Valley? Will you visit SUNSTONE Sanctuary? Share with us below.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary

2952 NY-94 Suite 101, Chester, NY 10918

4 Places To Try Cryotherapy in the Hudson Valley

Have You Ever Heard Of Cryotherapy?

Healthline describe cryotherapy as,

"Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy,” is a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes.

Cryotherapy can be delivered to just one area, or you can opt for whole-body cryotherapy. Localized cryotherapy can be administered in a number of ways, including through ice packs, ice massage, coolant sprays, ice baths, and even through probes administered into tissue."

I have heard that taking cool showers if beneficial to your health but this is stepping it up.

What Are The Benefits Of Cryotherapy?

WEB MD describes the benefits of cryotherapy.

Those who have tried cryotherapy claim that it assists with weight loss, reduces inflammation, pain and swelling, can improve blood circulation, boost metabolism and more.

As always, have a conversation with your doctor before trying something new to make sure its suitable for you.

Here Are 4 Places To Try Cryotherapy In The Hudson Valley

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

Restaurants and Stores The Hudson Valley Misses The Most

If you could bring back any store, restaurant or favorite business from the past, which would you choose?

The Hudson Valley was filled with places to visit for our favorite meals, special occasions or simply just for grocery shopping. Some of us may have spent our birthdays at these locations or shared sweet memories that we will remember forever.

Here Are The Restaurants and Stores The Hudson Valley Misses The Most

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, WRRV's Facebook Page,